Battle of the PALETTE – who will win?

Pixi by Petra – Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd Edition VS Tarte – Holiday 2014 Bon Voyage Collector’s Set & Travel Bag

So I’m a big lover of palette’s and happen to have er… a few to say the very least. Two of my recent purchases have been the above and I wanted to do a comparison as both are similar in many ways. It’s probably worth me mentioning that the Tarte one comes with a number of other products including a lip crayon, setting powder, cream highlighter, facial oil and mascara which are all…fantastic!! The review however is just on the palettes themselves.

Pixi – PRO’s

The Pixi palette was bought from ASOS and managed to get it for £24.50, which is £9.50 cheaper than on the Pixi site. It arrived in a beautiful gold box and the packaging was a stiff cardboard held together with strong magnets. Firstly the colour range is beautiful and has a really nice mix of mattes, shimmers and glitters. This pallet does air on the more shimmery side of things but has a nice mix of unusual warm and cool tones. The blushes and highlight shades are also beautiful and all the products have a very creamy, buttery texture – definitely some of the nicest formulated shadows I’ve seen.

Pixi – CON’s

The only thing about this pallet that I find a con is that it has two sections which flap open thus making it pretty tricky to hold. Other than that I would really struggle to find things I don’t like about it, it’s definitely one of my favorite things I’ve bought beauty-wise this year.

Tarte – PRO’s

The pallet comes in a beautiful purple and gold box and is really slim, perfect for taking away! The shade range is nice but airs on the matte side of things but does have a few shimmer/glitter shades. It definitely airs on the cool side of things and had I known this I potentially wouldn’t have bought it as cool toned shades tend to wash me out. All this being said you’d be pretty pleased if you preferred more cool toned shades. The pan sizes are nice and big and allow you to get a good swirl on your brush.

Tarte – CON’s

This pallet came from Sephora which meant that not only did it cost around £30 I had to pay a high shipping charge of around £8. The main issue I have is that the shadow quality isn’t great and especially the matte shades are pretty chalky. For me eyeshadow quality is a real deal-breaker and unfortunately this didn’t live up to the Pixi, MAC or Urban Decay shadows I have. I’m pretty gutted as generally I absolutely adore Tarte products especially their cheek, lash and lip products.

Which is best?

For me the Pixi Pallet is easily my favorite of the two, I’d really recommend getting it while you can as it’s a limited edition! I would have no problem paying the full price for this as the quality of the product is awesome and I also like the fact you get a combo of cheek and eye products but if you can get it on ASOS while it’s discounted… jump!

pixi1                    tarte1



Jessica Geleration: Gel polish, what’s the hype?

So for about the last 3 years I’ve had Jessica Geleration applied to my nails every 2/3 weeks. I have it applied at a salon by a trained therapist and it costs me £30 a time. This may seem a little steep but having trialed Gelish, Shellac and Bio Gel this is the only one that I’ve really found actually stands up to some serious battering and never peals or chips. I started having it done in a bid to quit biting my nails and I’m really pleased to say that it’s worked a treat.

I did go through a period of having Acrylic nails at university for about 2 years and this cost me roughly £15 a time – much cheaper. That being said it totally ruined my natural nails and was done using drills and chemicals. More than anything I didn’t like them as they just looked totally fake and thick!

Following university I got my first proper job and decided it was time for me to start investing in a proper manicure and thus started having Geleration. I must admit that it’s a total addiction and requires regular maintenance to keep them looking good but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion. There was nothing better than showing off my engagement ring with my natural nails looking and feeling in such good condition.

I’ve had Geleration applied by two different salons who apply the product in the exact same way and remove it the same way too. It’s applied using a UV lamp and a base, colour and top coat. It gives a beautiful shiny effect and comes in a range of different colours and finishes. Personally I prefer the flat colours without any pearl finish but I do occasionally have glitters and foils added. I must admit that they could do with bringing out a classic nude as there isn’t really one that hits the spot for me. I would also love a brownish-red as my favorite colour Cherry Wood is due to be discontinued.

Removal; well, this for me is why Geleration is the best gel polish because it’s removed by putting a weak acetone solution on cotton wool and your hands are then placed into warm heat mitts. The polish then flicks off and the only requirement is then a quick buff and nail file. This means no scary drills or soaking in buckets of chemicals meaning your nails stay strong!

My nail lady Stacie is particularly good and knows exactly how I like my nails to be shaped and filed, she also puts up with lots of unusual requests for nail art even though this isn’t really a product that works amazingly with fancy designs. For me it’s about great colour that doesn’t chip and means I have smart nails that last with my computer based job! Maybe one day this won’t be a priority but right now I’m lucky enough to be able to afford them and I can’t see a time when I won’t have them done. Below are some images of various different nail looks I’ve had using Geleration…

01 02 03 04 05 06

A little blip? – Review: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle & MAC Lipstick in Hot Gossip

So now that Christmas is over I have been trying to be better behaved when it comes to spending on beauty products. But you know me, I just can’t keep away from the MAC store as I walk past. I went in with a view to only buying an eye-shadow in ‘Sable’ to fill a space in a quad I’ve had for a while.

But…. that didn’t really happen, with a giftcard burning a hole in my new Osprey purse I just had to spend. I must admit though the two purchases I made (along with the eye-shadow) and two of the best things I’ve bought in some time.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish – Soft and Gentle

This is a beautiful peach highlight with plenty of fine sparkle that looks beautiful swept onto the cheek bones. Personally I think this is very wearable on a day-to-day basis and despite the ‘glitter’ makes for a very lady back, dewy look on the skin. It retails for £23.00 which I think is reasonable for how much product you get. The packaging is durable and seems a little sturdier than the blushes and regular bronzers. This is certainly something that will rival my The Balm – Mary LouManizer in a big way as I think the peachy-pink tone works better on my skintone.

MAC Lipstick – Hot Gossip

Genuinely this was a total happy accident, I walked into the store looking for Brave which they’d told me was completely sold out. I was pretty annoyed as it was the third time I’d tried to get it and it was sold out online – bummer. I then was having a quick look round the lipsticks on the stand and swatching away when I came across this total gem. First and foremost it’s a cream sheen finish which is without a doubt my favorite! As the name would suggest it’s a moisturising, creamy formula which glides on the lip really easily.

Next the colour, it’s a beautiful mid tone pink colour which is probably only a shade darker than my natural lips. I hate the phrase ‘your lips but better’ but this really is just that. It’s great because it’s something I can slap on without looking in the mirror, doesn’t wash me out and seems to go with every eye/cheek look. It takes me from the office to a night out with the girls seamlessly. I can already tell it’s going to be a permanent fixture in my lipstick collection and one I will use all the time. With 10% off at Selfridges at the moment it’s only £13 something? To make matters worse in all my beauty blogging obsessiveness I have NEVER heard of this colour before and it’s one that I would genuinely recommend to absolutely anyone of any age or skin tone. Go go go… buy it now and enjoy it for all it’s wearable pinky goodness!

photo (2)