Review: Gosh Forever Shine Lip Shine

As a real Gosh Cosmetics superfan I was delighted to see a new spring/summer product launch from these guys. I love their cream shadow sticks, bronzers, blushers and lip pencils so I was pretty sure these little babies were going to be a new obsession for me.

Available in 10 shades these little pencils are somewhere between a chubby stick, a lip pencil and a lipstick. Though similar in concept to a chubby stick these come in much more slender packaging which makes for a precise and easy application! Better yet these beautiful lip products have a lipstick like texture and really last on the lips. I bought 5 shades to start me off, all of which I totally adore…

Love Story

Probably my favourite shade this is a nude/mauve matte colour that really heads towards a Kylie Jenner lip. Definitely a 90’s look this works really well with almost any eye look.

Fluffy Feeling

A close second this beautiful rusty rosy lip colour really enhances my natural shade! I’d wear this with a soft bronze eye or even with simple liquid liner. Definitely one I’ve reached for pretty regularly!

Flirty Dreams

This coral shade is really easy to wear – I know it’s one I’ll get more wear out of in the summer months but never the less a gorgeous pop of colour.

Sweet Moments

Another nude which again follows the Kylie Jenner lip trend, I’ve been reaching for this when I’ve done a smoky eye. It also looks beautiful with the Gosh Blusher in Rose Whisper – my favourite cheek product of the moment!

Lady Like

A deep vampy red, this lipstick means business! It works well with my fair skin tone and is what I’d consider to be a Hollywood red rather than pillar-box. It also doesn’t make my teeth look yellow due to its cool tone. Matte in texture it’s a great dupe for the NARS velvet lip pencil in Cruella!

It’s fair to say I love these lip colours and will definitely be picking up the colours Magic Monday – a beautiful bright summery orange, Funky Friday – a hot cerise colour that’ll look great with a tan and Spring Fling – a deep coral that’ll look great when wearing denim. Plus they’re a complete bargain at only £6.99 and seem to always be on 3 for 2 at Superdrug!


Colour Matching – I’m Hannah and I’m OCD about makeup?

So I’ve come to realise something in recent months and that’s that I’m completely fanatical about: matching my outfit to my makeup. Nothing drives my OCD crazier than seeing a girl wearing a fantastic outfit and beautiful makeup but neither go together. I realise this is completely irrational and I’m totally of the belief that you should wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. I might sound like a total hypocrite given what I only said in the sentence before last but I’m obsessed with colour matching and making sure that my outfit and makeup work as one.

Often my makeup inspires my outfit and vice versa and a prime example of this is the outfit I’ve chosen to go out in this Saturday night. It’s probably worth me mentioning at this point that I’m a total ‘planner’ and ‘organisational freak’ (I plan my work outfits the night before and often have a rough idea of the makeup I’ll be wearing too).

I’ve recently bought a beautiful plumb/deep purple leather pencil skirt (photographed) that I’ll be teaming with a white chiffon vest and black stilettoes and a black clutch. With this I plan on wearing a plumb/deep purple lipstick of which I’ve had to go through about 6 or 7 to find or create the perfect shade. I often go along and swatch them with the item of clothing and for this little number have created the perfect blend using Vamp by 17 Boots and an MUA lipstick in Shade 2. The ‘Vamp’ shade gives me the rich darkness and the MUA lipstick gives it a true violet tone. Together they really do make the perfect blend to match my lovely new skirt. I then think about my skin, choosing this lipstick means I’ll need to fake tan the night before (…zzz) and then means I’ll need plenty of bronzer. I’ll be teaming this lip with a bronze eye to give it quite a Tom Ford-esque look and make it more effortless and rock and roll rather than too polished and perfect. This gold/bronze tone will also match the hardware on my clutch bag and the jewellery I’ll be wearing.

Call me sad but I take great pride in matching my makeup and enjoy the process of planning in advance!


On the hunt: finding a new mascara

For years I’ve been struggling to find the perfect mascara, for those who say formulation doesn’t play a part I can’t say I agree with you. For me good mascara is a combination of a decent formulation and a nice brush.

I much prefer a bristle brush rather than a plastic wand and seem to find it tougher and tougher to find a formulation that works for me. I’ve tried expensive high end products and cheap bargain basement but none of these really works 110% for me. I also annoyingly find that mascaras generally hit their prime when they’re couple of weeks old and have had a chance to slightly dry out. For me new mascara slides through the lashes too easily and doesn’t provide me with the volume I’m after. I favor a volumising formula and black in colour. I’ve tried YSL, Clinique, Revlon, Borjouis you name it I’ve tried it! To date my favorite is the Maybelline Colossal Mascara but even that this one takes a couple of weeks to get into its prime. The Tarte Lights Camera Flashes Mascara is brilliantly lengthening but lacks the volume kick I really need. I’m also not a fan of false lashes (as I find they make me look like a drunken mess without even touching a G&T) therefore mascara is the only way. If you know of any good mascara’s that’ll give me the volumising, smudgey look I really love then please comment below…

Spring Skincare

Of late I’ve had some serious issues with my skin, I’m 24 years old and find my skin is more like that of a 16 year old – ahhh! Perhaps I was lucky that I avoided the horrendous years of spots as a teenager but I’ve had those years come to bite me in the bum of late. My skin has recently become seriously dehydrated yet very oily and as a result has become super spotty too.

In this event I’ve taken the time to truly perfect my regime and use products that don’t interfere with my skin or cause it to break-out. Thankfully, it seems to have worked – phew!


Having worked for L’Occitane for a number of years I was lucky enough to try most of the skincare they offer. This was one product that I knew really would never leave my routine and is a simple foaming cleanser, nothing too crazy with no overpoweringly active ingredients. Known for its hydrating properties this cleanser gently removes my makeup and makes my skin feel super clean. I use it morning and night and feel like its gentle yet super-duper effective! It might be slightly pricier than other cleansers out there but it really works and one bottle lasts me about 5 months with is CRAZY!


As my skin is really dehydrated I find this is one step that I generally avoid, it tends to make my skin feel tight and the alcohol in these products seems to aggravate my skin and cause me to break out. I stick with the Ganier Micellar Water to remove any excess grime, its super gentle and does a good job of removing any stray mascara.


This little gem is one that I can’t rave about enough and is a pretty new discovery. Wandering along the isle at Aldi (yup, you heard right!) I came across this serum for a steal of £3.45, I brought it home not expecting it to really be that great but boy-oh-boy was I wrong! This serum is super hydrating, absorbs easily and yet really nourishes my skin. It has a beautiful light almond scent and works nicely alone or under moisturiser.


I have two favourite moisturisers that are near enough the same product (both medium-weight French pharmacy delights for dehydrated skin) and I love them both. Bioderma Sebium Global is a nice moisturiser that works brilliantly under makeup. This product works hard to increase hydration whilst banishing spots and acne. I love this product however when it’s out of stock I find the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo is also a brilliant, slightly lighter weight moisturiser that works brilliantly to balance my skin. I suffer from slight rosacea and find that this moisturiser works really well at evening my skin tone. Neither of these moisturisers are overly expensive but both work just as well as any other pricier options I’ve tried before. Again they don’t contain strong essential oils which play havoc with my complexion.


A cheeky one to add on the end I must give a nod to my primer of choice. I don’t believe in mattifying primers as I find they only clog my pores and promote breakouts however the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer. Though designed for aging skin this primer really cancels out any discoloration and provides a soft and fresh looking base for my makeup. As I tend to favor satin finish foundations this primer works brilliantly under these and really does give my makeup some serious staying powder. Despite containing an SPF of 30 it doesn’t provide me with any flashback and really gives me the ‘flawless’ look I want on a big night out!


The Perfect Pout – a couple of tips to sumptuous smackers and my top 5 favorite lip balms!

Top Tips

  • Exfoliate: this is a little tip that will truly change the way you look after your lips. Mixing a little sugar and olive oil and rubbing into your pout will remove dead skin cells in a flash meaning your lip products will apply much more easily. Lush do a few lovely lip scrubs in dinky little pots if you haven’t the time to make one for yourself too! If you want to exfoliate in super quick time, rub an old toothbrush along your lips with a little Vaseline this will leave your lips feeling super smooth.
  • Hydrate: like any other skin on your body your lips can get super dry. Regularly applying a super nourishing (petroleum free) balm will keep them nice and soft and free from looking cracked and flaky.

Top 5 Favorites

Now when it comes to lip products I’m the biggest addict out there and having a full on addiction to matte lipsticks it means I always have to keep my lips super moisturised. Here are my top 5 favourites…

  • Fresh Cosmetics: Sugar Lip Balm in Berry

This balm is beautifully tinted and super moisturising, unfortunately only available in the USA this is certainly one of my pricier picks but it’s truly worth every single penny. This balm has SPF 15 meaning it’s great for keeping your lips free from sun damage. This colour is beautiful and natural and doesn’t leave your smackers feeling sticky at all.

  • Palmers Coco Butter: Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm

I’ve used this balm for years and there are three good reasons why; it’s super nourishing, it’s really cheap and it smells divine. It really is just the most basic of lip balms but has a beautiful coco scent. Perfect for cold winter days this is completely colour free and works well to prep your pout before applying lipstick.

  • Korres: Lip Butter in Jasmine

Initially bought for me by an old colleague this little pot is a really velvety feeling balm that lasts forever. Though it comes in a pot (always tricky to apply) this balm always makes my lips feel super moisturised and comes in a range of different subtle tints.

  • Espa: Lip Balm in Mandarin

Given that I visit the salon every other week I’m always keen to have a nose around the lines they use in their treatments. My local salon stocks Espa who predominantly use essential and aromatherapy oils in their products. One of my favourite little gems is their lip balm who for all you Vaseline lovers has a very similar texture yet uses mandarin, pomegranate and rosemary oils and feels super smooth on the lips. It comes in a handy little lip lid pan and works really well over lip stains to give them a little more shine without being a full on gloss!

  • Revlon: Lip Butters in every single colour!

These little beauties live around my life in every drawer, pocket, handbag – you name it! Probably one of my favourite lip products of all time I find these colourful balms one of the most wearable formulas around. They make my lips feel hydrated whilst also giving me a beautiful wash of colour. Some are richer in pigmentation than others but there’s definitely one for every occasion, my favourites include Truffle for a nice everyday nude and Red Velvet for a wine coloured red.

  fresh palmers korres esparevlon balm