Woah… Back Up: products I can’t live without!

I’m always someone that fears my favourite products will get discontinued and I guess this will inevitably happen one day however I always like to have a backup of the following products just in case I run out. They’re my fail safe products that always work for me!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Serum

Shade I Wear: 52 Vanille

This is my staple ‘good skin day’ foundation. It’s light in texture and super easy to apply with a brush or with fingers. I use it like a tinted moisturiser as it gives me a sheer, dewy coverage.

Gosh Natural Blusher

Shade I Wear: Rose Whisper

Having used MAC’s Tenderling for a year or two as my ultimate favourite I came across this super budget friendly version that’s pretty much an exact dupe. It has the same beautiful texture and the same light rosy toned colour that looks great on fair skin and looks brilliant with any eye or lip look.

Gosh Bronzer

Shade I Wear: Natural Bronze

This bronzer again is one that I stumbled across by accident. I’d run out of my Benefit Hoola Bronzer and it was the end of the month and I was feeling a little strapped for cash. I ran into my local Superdrug and tried to find the most muted tone matte bronzer. I came across this little baby and I’ve never looked back! It’s one that I always have at least two in my back up pile as I genuinely fear the day Gosh don’t sell it anymore!

Revlon Colourstay Foundation

Shade I Wear: Buff

This is the foundation I return to when I feel all is lost. If everything else makes me break out, too oily, too dry etc. I know that the hydrating version of this super easy to blend foundation will bring me back to normality. It’s a medium coverage foundation that blends really nicely with a buffing brush.

Maybelline FIT ME Powder

Shade I wear: 115

This is my day to day powder that never fails me. It nicely matifies without looking cakey yet sets my makeup nicely and prevents me from looking oily too early on in the day.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector

Shade I Wear: Rosewood Shimmer

I know these have had rave reviews so I won’t bore you with my love of them but the Instant Light Lip Perfectors are a comfortable balmy texture that look great over lipstick or on their own for a natural sheen. For me they’re dotted around various handbags and look great with a little tinted moisturiser and mascara for a ‘just popping to the shops’ easy makeup.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

Shade I Wear: 7.5

This is a heavy duty foundation that’s my ‘go-to’ for nights out. I always have a backup as I often get them from ASOS when they’re running a discount code. As it’s one of the more expensive foundations in my collection I like to have at least one tube as a backup as not only do I wear it alone I also mix it with my dewier foundations to give them longer wear time.



Out with the old and in with the new – Spring Clean Makeup Declutter

As I’m a little OCD (which I’m sure you’ve realised if you’ve read my blog before) I took it upon myself to do a full overhaul and organisation of my makeup collection. It’s probably worth me mentioning that makeup is my hobby and I would wholeheartedly call myself an addict. My collection is extensive and I even buy ‘makeup backups’ for my favourite products that I couldn’t possibly be without. But that’s a post for another day… What I’m trying to say is ‘don’t compare my collection to yours’ – I know it’s not normal!

I started decluttering by throwing away dried out mascaras and empty products. I certainly don’t have the space for these! Secondly I worked through each item and placed them into clear plastic containers within my chest of drawers to section them off. I find this helps me use all of my makeup and means I don’t have many products in my collection that I neglect. I’m a nightmare for doing this with my wardrobe and it’s not something I want to get in a habit of doing with my makeup collection. Inevitably we all have favourites that we use time and time again and certain things that I reserve for nights out and special occasions.

I keep my foundations in an organiser on top of my dresser as I’m a bit of a foundation addict and like to change it up depending if it’s day/night and the weather/time of year. I chucked away my Maxfactor Facefinity foundation as the shade I got is far too light and it seems to cling to any dry patches on my skin. Next I moved on to bronzers and highlighters and I only tossed out the one product, an Elf cosmetics highlighter which is obnoxiously large and is a pale pink highlighter which is essentially just a chalky white powder. It doesn’t do anything for me and had to go!

Next I moved on to blushers, I got rid of a soap and glory blusher in Love At First Blush. For me it’s too shimmery to be a blush and too pink to be a highlight and therefore doesn’t work particularly well on the skin. My sister is now the owner and seems to really like it, just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t always of course mean it won’t work for you!

I then moved on to cream blushers and chucked out a Beauty UK cream stick, I have a really similar one from Gosh so again this got passed on to my sister. Next I moved onto lipsticks and there were genuinely too many for me to count, I focused on throwing away dupes (of which I seemed to throw out about 5 dark vampy purple shades), colours I’d ordered on line and didn’t like (a couple of dark brown ones) and bubble gum pink shades – why on earth I ever bought these I’ll never know, they really don’t suit my fair skin one bit.

I then spent some time working through liquid lipsticks and glosses of which all the Rimmel Apocolips had to go – I just can’t get on with them and find they smell really odd too! One of the glosses that went were a Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector, it was finished and I already have another one on the go – they’re brilliant! I also passed on a couple of tinted lip balms as my Revlon Lip Butters are the only ones that I use at the moment.

For eyeshadows I passed on a couple of Revlon quads, I love these but Moonlit was a little too cool toned. In addition to that I got rid of a couple of Helen E pigments, again cool in tone and not something I reach for. I’ve only touched on a few bits that didn’t quite hit the mark for me but I realised where the gaps in my collection were and where I need to rein it in… a bit!!!!


My Top 5 Cream Products

With summer around the corner cream products give a lighter, more radiant and glowing look to the skin and often enhance the complexion and add longevity to your products. From lips to eyes I’ve listed my top 5 favourites that I’d definitely recommend you give a go!

Laura Mercier Metallic Crème Eyeshadow – Burnished Copper

I’m a sucker for a cream shadow and have used them for years. For me they enhance the pigmentation and longevity of my eyeshadow. This has to be one of my all-time favourite products and certainly is at the top of my list of cream Eyeshadows. The small squeezy tube isn’t the best packaging in the world but the product inside is a lightweight cream shadow that blends beautifully over the eye. The colour burnished copper is a beautiful warm orangey brown that looks great with Urban Decay’s Hustle layered over. I use this day or night but my favourite way is as a base for bronze toned shadows as it really makes them pop!

MAC Cream Colour Base – Hush

2014/2015 really has been the year of the glow, we’ve been going crazy for products that enhance our natural radiance and make our skin appear youthful and hydrated. Personally MAC’s cream colour base is a beautiful cream highlighter with a peachy sheen that when applied to the cheek looks stunningly natural. I tend to just pat it on with my fingers to my cheek bones but add a little with a blending brush to my brow bone for added definition.

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow – Copper

I was really impressed when I came across this product in boots, the formula of these cream shadows is really wet yet sets brilliantly. This deep brown (I wouldn’t really call it copper) is a wet whipped formula that I tend to apply initially with my fingers and blend out with a fluffy blending brush. It looks good on its own but I personally like to layer a warm brown in the crease (a bronzer works fine too) and then use a liquid liner for a feline flick! It’s a night time look that can be achieved in only a few minutes.

Revlon Cream Blusher – Charmed

Revlon has to be my favourite drugstore/pharmacy brand due to the fantastic quality of their products. This little baby has been a key feature in my makeup collection for a couple of years alongside my Stila Convertible Colours. This looks fairly deep in tone in the pot however applied with a stippling brush it gives a natural flush of colour to the cheeks. It seems to be very trans-seasonal and lasts me throughout the summer and winter months. Paired with a nude lip and a bronzed eye this is totally an every-day makeup staple.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Underage Red

Okay, so I’m cheating a bit but I had to pay a special mention to these beautiful liquid lipsticks. I got my first one from a Sephora Christmas set and have been completely hooked ever since. This has an easy doefoot applicator and lasts even through burrito consumption (yes, I’ve tried it) my personal favourite colour is the Underage Red which really is your classic bright true red colour. It’s definitely blue toned and super comfortable on the lips. I challenge you to find a better liquid lipstick, it really is pretty amazing!


My Spring Makeup Look!

So you’ll have to forgive me in advance for the weird lighting in these photo’s – it was a little blustery and I was getting ready for work so they were taking in a poorly lit hallway in my flat but never the less they show the makeup pretty well.


For me spring makeup is all about glowing skin, peachy tones and something a little more subtle on the eye. I also tend to use the spring time to pull out my cream products and use a lighter base.

For the skin I used the YSL Touché Elact Foundation and used a buffing brush to apply. This foundation is lightweight, glowy and gives a medium coverage on the skin.  I buffed it out to give a fresh and youthful look. I tend to avoid over-concealing in the summer time and opt for a lightweight concealer such as the Clarins Instant Concealer in 01. For this look however I used the L’oriel Touche Magique Concealer in Light. It’s a beautiful yellow toned concealer that works brilliantly under the eyes, I like to apply this in a v-shape and tap it in with my ring finger for a more natural look. It’s also a total dupe for the MAC Prep and Prime Concealer in Light Boost!

Moving on to eyes I used a wash of a pale gold/bronze shade and for this look I used a cream base of Laura Mercier Metallic Crème Eyeshadow in Burnished Copper with Urban Decay in Half Baked shadow blended over the top. To finish I didn’t use liner but added a little of Urban Decay shadow in Tease on the lower lash line with a slick of mascara on the lower and upper lashes using Clinique High Impact Mascara.

On the cheeks I did a light contour using my Gosh Bronzer in Natural Glow, this really is my all-time favourite because it’s completely matte, blends beautifully and suits my fair skin. It’s also cooler in tone enough to be used as a contour shade.

I then used my Stila Convertible Color in Lilium and popped this on my cheeks using a stippling brush for a light, dewy and youthful finish. Following this I applied MAC’s Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle to my cheek bones to up-the-anti on the glow front!

Finally I finished the look with a Bourjois Lipstick Rouge Edition in Orange Pop Up with a tiny bit of my Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon blended in to mute it out slightly. Both of these lip products have a hint of shine and are really comfortable on the lips. Sometimes I swap this out for a tinted lip balm if I’m just going to work or a bright coral for a night out!