3 New Things! Maybelline & 2True

3thingsAs a massive drugstore junkie I’m keen to always review the things I’m picking up on a regular basis. Rarely a week goes by where I don’t pop into my local Superdrug and see what’s new on the shelves. This week was slightly different as I knew I needed to pick up a new ‘old’ faithful product and wanted to see if I could find a matte drugstore bronzer that was slightly warmer in tone than my Gosh Natural Bronzer. Here are the three new (to me!) things I picked up…

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara in 100% Black

I’ve spoken at length (excuse the pun) about my search for a brilliant mascara that ticks every box. Having tried a tonne of high end and drugstore/pharmacy brand mascaras the Maybelline Colossal is without a doubt my favourite. I find it gives me fluttery lashes with lots of volume and can be used quickly for the daytime and built up for a more dramatic evening look. I always have a standby of this in my makeup vanity and will continue to use this until I can find something that beats it. It’s an absolute steal at only £6.99 and Maybelline quite often has a 3 for 2 offer running in Superdrug stores!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120 Classic Ivory

As a foundation collector (yes, I’ve decided that’s a real thing) I knew I had to give this a try. I really like the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and find it has a medium/full coverage that works well on spots and under the eyes! When it came to trying this foundation I noticed my local Superdrug had reduced its shade range which often happens when a line is being discontinued. I got it home and the next day used a Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply it to my freshly moisturised skin. Unfortunately this foundation didn’t totally rock my world, it seemed to go on okay however was more of a light/medium coverage, which I don’t mind but I tend to favour these types of foundation in a dewier finish. This seemed to dry down and oxsidise quite quickly and made my skin look a little uneaven. The next day I mixed it with a little Vichy Dermablend Foundation and this seemed to make the Vichy a little lighter however I don’t think it’s a foundation I’ll repurchase. It’s a shame as I love the glass bottle and the pump and the shade range seemed to have some good colours for deeper skin tones.

2True All Over Natural Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze 1

I’ve used (and raved) about the Gosh Brozing Powder in 01 Natural Bronzer for AGES! It’s beautifully matte, super cool toned and nicely blendable. However even my skin gets a slight tan in the summer months and I wanted something that would add a skin kissed look without being orange! Scanning around Superdrug I picked up different ones from Rimmel, L’Oréal and Makeup Revolution however I really struggled to find one that was sparkle-free. I then lost all hope of finding one when I had a quick scan of the 2True revolving stand at the back of the store. I hadn’t tried much from 2True but stumbled across this beautiful matte bronzer. The packaging is cheap and not mightily protective but for £2.29 you get a great product! It’s nicely blendable and a very subtle warm bronze colour without a single hint of glitter.  Totally one that I’d recommend you picking up and comes in two tones for fairer and deeper skins.


Lorac Pro 2: The Review

lorac2I’ve got more neutral eyeshadow palettes than most people have had hot dinners. It’s like I collect them but I must admit that I really struggle to let ones with the odd unusual shade. So when I bought the Stila Eyes Are The Window To The Soul Palette (Review HERE) I had put myself on a bit of a neutral pallet ban. Well that lasted all of about 4 weeks when one of my favourite eBay sellers had the Lorac Pro 2 Palette for only £14.99 + Free Postage and obviously I couldn’t turn it down?

This particular eBay seller is particularly good as he gets small quantities of American makeup brands and sells them on at good prices. I have also had them verified as genuine as I’ve made purchases of Urban Decay and MAC products in the past and have had them checked by friends who work for the respective companies. Generally speaking you have to act fast as his good stuff goes very quickly!

Anyway, onto the palette! The first thing that initially gave me the impulse to purchase this lovely pallet was seeing many-a GRWM video from the lovely Victoria from the blog In The Frow. I guess the best way to describe the plorac12alette is neutral with a twist, it’s not your conventional pallet of browns and peaches alongside a few awkward shades that are impossible to use. This pallet has great colours like Nectar a gorgeous peachy matte that’s a great warm crease/transitional shade and I.T Brown which really is the perfect matte pale brown.  Some of the more basic but beautiful shades include Mocha Cocoa and Chrome which are all neutral brown and grey shimmers to add dimension to your lids. Another unusual shade comes in the form of the peachy/pink-champagne shimmer Rose which doesn’t make you look ill but adds understated sheen to a neutral eye look. Lastly the Lorac Pro 2 has the shades Jade, Plum and Navy which are all colours that push my comfort zone without being unwearable and awkward. Personally I’ve found Jade has given me a new love of green eye makeup and has made me just a little braver.lorac3

Though the colours are great the formulation is a little (and I mean a little) hit and miss. The shimmers are great and super blendable but the mattes can be a little trickier! I’ve found that using a little translucent powder on the lids to start gives me a good base for blending out any harsh lines with a fluffy brush. What really speaks to me with this palette is the packaging, it feels sturdy yet is slim and has a good mirror, perfect for trips away as you can get so many different eye looks from it!

Overall I think this is a great pallet, would I pay full price for it at circa £30… maybe? I guess it’s purely because I find Stila, Urban Decay and MAC better for formulation but the colour range really is something special!

Sali Hughes – Pretty Honest: A Book Review

prettyhonestsalihughesAs a massive beauty junkie and something of a book worm I love nothing more than pouring over a good beauty book. More often than not these are the ones I have on display in my house as generally they’re beautifully bound and have great covers – after all the ladies and gentlemen that create them have an eye for the beautiful! Pretty Honest is no exception, it’s pale pink cover is an addition to my dressing table that I regularly admire.

Just recently I managed to read Pretty Honest by the Guardian’s resident beauty columnist Sali Hughes. I’ve always been a big fan of Hughes’ writing style, her honesty and genuine love for all things beauty. She also has a great Blog and YouTube channel – her ‘In the bathroom…’ series is bloody brilliant!

Anyway, last year Sali Hughes released a beauty guide for women of all ages and talks through everything from choosing the perfect red lipstick all the way through to managing tricky skin issues. Reading this on the tube around London one day made my long 6 hours of meetings much more exciting and by the time I headed home to Cambridge I’d read it the whole way through. It’s become something of a reference guide I have gone back to many times as it really does aid with genuine beauty problems and often answers questions you might even be too shy to ask your best girlie chum.

It’s a witty, cleaver and frank book with bags of personality and loads of those ‘Ah thank god I’m not the only one’ moments. You can clearly skip the parts that don’t apply to you too as the book is divided into manageable sections and chapters – though I read it all!

I think this book was all the more special to me as I’ve read Hughes’ blog and YouTube channel for quite some time and I can imagine her telling me where to shop and where to get the best bargains and what I should be investing in. This is the woman that opened my eyes to paying a little more for a facial serum, buying cheap Palmolive shower gel and finding my perfect red lipstick and boy am I glad!

This would make a brilliant gift for any woman, you don’t have to be a beauty lover to find this guide useful and take something away that perhaps you didn’t know before. I loved reading about ‘how to apply make-up on the train’ and ‘which make-up to wear for a meeting’. It’s definitely made me braver to wear bolder make-up at work which for me is a real turning point. Overall I think it’s clear to say I can’t find fault with this read and this is one of the best beauty books around! Buy it HERE – Please let me know your favourite beauty books in the comments, I’m always on the hunt for a good’en…

Daytime Smoky… it can be done!

daytime smokeyWhen I see a look on YouTube or written up on a blog called ‘Daytime Smoky’ the cynical part of my brain dismisses the post and moves on. I mean how can a smoky eye be classified for daytime wear? Well, I proved myself wrong and was playing about with my Stila Eyes Are The Window To The Soul palette and developed this smoky, wearable look. I created this look specifically for a work party, so it had to last through a whole day of 25 degree weather and into the evening without budging – and it really did last!

Base – I started mixing my Este Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Cream Vanilla with Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120 – post to follow soon. The Este Lauder is super long wearing and the Maybelline brings it down to a more daytime appropriate shade! I blended this all over my face using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I then concealed using the L’Oreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer under my eyes and the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer on any spots or redness. Finally I dusted the Gosh Prep and Prime Powder in Translucent all over my face with the Real Techniques Powder Brush to set my makeup for day-long durability.

Eyes – Now to create my daytime smoky eye I started off by using the Bourjois Eyeshadow Crayon in Rose Fauviste all over my lid to give the shadow some staying power. I then blended the pale gold from the Stila Eyes Are The Window To The Soul palette all over the lid and then the warm matte brown through the crease. I then finished by blending the reddish brown shimmer throughout the outer V and along the lower lash line. I then applied two good layers of the YSL Volume Effect Mascara onto my upper and lower lashes for drama. DISCLAIMER: I was growing my brows out to be HD’d the day after, I realise they make Cara’s look tame!

Finish – I then applied the 2true Bronzer all over my face, this is a lovely warm matte bronzer that’s super cheap and great for fair girls! To subtly contour I used a little of my trusty Gosh Bronzer in Natural Bronze. To my cheeks I went in with the Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium for added dewy longevity.

Lips – To complete the look I used my Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop patted onto the lips and finished with a dab of the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in I Found Nemo.

Mini ‘Barry M’ Haul

barrymI can’t seem to stop by anywhere that sells make-up without dashing in and picking up something new. I also love stalking celebrity make-up artists on Instagram (follow me @adayinhermakeup) and Adam Burrell, make-up artist for Little Mix is one of my favourites. I do believe he’s sponsored by Barry M as he features LOTS of their products but either way I love the way he uses them, especially the super soft eye crayons.

I popped in to pick up the brown eye crayon that I’d seen Adam use plenty of times on Little Mix and Mel B! Well obviously I couldn’t not take advantage of the ‘Buy two products and get a free Gelly High Shine Nail Varnish’ offer as I’d wanted the shade Lychee for such a long time. So I walked out with these three products and here’s a quick review of them…

Barry M Eye Crayon // Brown RRP £3.99

Looking for something to replace my beloved dual ended The Daily Double pencil from Soap & Glory in Brownie and Velvet Pink as I can’t get hold of it anywhere! I picked up this pencil in Brown, the formula is quite stiff and less blendable than the S&G one however it works nicely on the lower lashes to add definition. Personally I won’t be hurrying to buy more in this range however it’s not one I’ll be neglecting either.

Barry M Flawless Concealer // Ivory RRP £4.49

I love concealers however I’m rarely really impressed by them. I’ve used the Collection Lasting Perfection for years and have yet to find a highend or drugstore one that really steals its crown. I picked up this Barry M one as I thought it had similar properties to the Collection concealer however I quickly realised it’s a totally different beast. The Barry M is very light reflecting and brightening and certainly isn’t one I’d be putting on spots anytime soon. I like the formula and it seems to blend pretty well with my Setting Brush from Real Techniques. However I hate the applicator, I’m all about the doefoot and this mini brush seems to spread things around in a really odd way. I do like the product though and it really stayed in place quite nicely!

Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint // Lychee RRP £3.99

As the freebie within this deal you could choose any from the Gelly range however I’d had my eyes on this colour for a while. As someone who has Gel Polish applied at a salon I rarely invest in Nail Varnish however I knew this cool pale stone colour would look great on the toes with a tan. I was a bit gutted though as when it came to using it the formulation was gloopy and hard to get an even coat. I think I’ll stick with the Speedy Dry or Original formula as this was a bit of a mess to deal with. All the same I love the colour so if you can make the formulation work I’d really recommend it!

What are your favourite Barry M products? Let me know in the comments…

3 New Things! Urban Decay and Kiko Cosmetics…

urbandecayandkikoSo I went shopping today and the only product I had hoped to get my mitts on was the Urban Decay Naked Concealer (despite being sold out in my shade ‘Light Warm’ nationwide) I managed to pick one up at my local Debenhams. On my way I walked past Kiko and you all know that I’m a BIG fan of Kiko Cosmetics! I can’t bang on enough about how much I think their formulations rival many a high-end brand and that they’re incredible value for money. I’ve already reviewed a few products from Kiko a couple of weeks ago HERE if you’d like to hear more ramblings of my love for the brand. Anyway I couldn’t help but walk past and see if they had a coral blush that would give me the smallest hint of peachy summer goodness! Oh and because I’m a massive makeup junkie I also picked up a pencil lip colour that Vivianna Does Makeup had recommended on her YouTube channel, like I need another one?

Urban Decay Naked Concealer in Light Warm

Having seen the likes of Jaclyn Hill and Lily Pebbles rave about this concealer I thought it was about time I picked one up. I’m a massive fan of Urban Decay in general however haven’t ventured into their base products as the Naked Foundation always seemed a little lightweight for me. Though this concealer seemed right up my alley and boy is it good! It’s super creamy, easy to blend and works brilliantly under the eyes. It also doesn’t crease on me and a little goes a very long way! It’s the only one that even comes close to the MAC Select Coverup or Collection Lasting Perfection concealers and for the under eyes it knocks both of these out the park.

Kiko Blush Veil in 03

Like I said before I’ve been searching for the perfect coral blush for quite a while and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to look over the top. I mean coral blush seems to always look so good on other people but up until now I’d found it hard to wear a coral colour on my cheeks that I was totally comfortable with. This shade is the perfect mix of coral and peach and has a nice sheen to it. I like to apply this using the Real Techniques Blusher Brush in light sweeping motions up my cheek bone for a slimming/highlighting effect. It’s beautifully pigmented and weirdly, smells incredible plus it’s a brilliant dupe for MAC Petal Power!

Kiko Free Spirit Lip and Cheek Pencil in 03 Safari Rose

Having watched a summer edit by Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup I was intrigued by the way she mixed this with one of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors for a really pretty nude lip. Unfortunately I can’t wear those pale concealery nudes as they just make me look like the living dead but this is a nude look that I can wear as this Kiko product is slightly pinky peach and is nicely pigmented. It seems to work best when I have a tan and is a good colour to team with a copper coloured eye look! Plus this little baby was on a 50% off promotion so I was pretty much sucked in by its oober friendly price tag. Better yet when I got home I realised the packaging contained a super sized sharpener for when the product starts to go blunt!

My Favourite Mens (yes, you heard right!) Fragrances

mens fragrancesFragrance is such a personal thing but I really am a fan of smelling good as is my lovely husband. Recently he was choosing a new aftershave and we really struggled to find any good online reviews, hence this post! Personally I find men’s fragrances one of the most enjoyable things to shop for and here’s my run down of my favourite aftershave my husband wears – yum!

Chanel – Bleu De Chanel

This is probably my favourite men’s fragrance of all time as it’s so classic and failsafe. It works day or night and has an initially fresh scent that ends in a much spicer, woodier long-lasting smell. To me it’s ‘hot man’ in a bottle though as it’s become so popular I’ve found that I lose count of the men I know that wear it and it’s no longer synonymous with my husband. I guess it’s the one I’d recommend if you’re buying for someone else as it’s fairly ageless and I have yet to find a man who doesn’t like this!

Penhaligon – Endymion

This is a men’s fragrance which like the Chanel is very classic and masculine. It’s again universal for day or night however this is the fragrance my husband tends to wear if he’s wearing a suit or having to be smart. It’s inoffensive but immediately recognisable with notes of bergamot and nutmeg however it’s surprisingly fresh as it contains mandarin, vetiver and black pepper. It’s nice and grown up without being stuffy and headache inducing plus lasts really well throughout the day!

Issey Miyake – L’Eau Bleue Pour Homme

This is a great everyday fragrance and is definitely light and fresh with a hint of woodiness enough for most tastes. It’s mellow and not particularly over the top but works as the black boxers of most mens wardrobe – classic, everyone got them and they aren’t too out-there! It also is often available online at a pretty good price for quite a large bottle, when I last checked you could get 75ml for around £20 which is a total steal!

L’Occitane – Voyage En Mediterranee Cedre

Without a doubt the most emotive scent for me and one I will always and forever love as it’s the fragrance my husband wore on our wedding day. No longer available this gem of a woody, sexy yet surprisingly classic fragrance really is something pretty special. It’s in essence a pure Cedar fragrance that’s super powerful yet isn’t over the top. It’s got a mix of notes to highlight the Cedar to it’s fullest which include tobacco leaf which gives you a smokiness, grapefruit for freshness and tonka bean for a subtle sweetness. It’s amazing and one I make my husband ration it as he only has half a bottle left – just for use on special occasions!

Mens Fragrances that remind me of people…

Fahrenheit // Dior – The smell of my Grandad, I struggle not to cry when I smell this spicy, woody and powerful fragrance.

Euphoria for Men // Calvin Klein – The smell of my Dad, light classic and easy to wear. My dad washes his hair with a bar of soap so getting him to wear aftershave a few years ago was a bit of a breakthrough!

Old Spice – The smell of my Father-in-Law, woody and old-fashioned but in the best possible way. It reminds me of living with my husband’s family when we were at university and of course they were good times!

Jump // Joop and Africa // Lynx – The smell of my teens, these sweet mens fragrances pretty much will always remind me of drinking too much cider and sweaty nightclubs!

Diamonds for Men // Armani – The smell of my best friend, if I smell someone else wearing this then it’s just plain wrong!

3 Summer Lip Trends… Here to stay for Autumn!

summerliptrendsWhen we talk about make-up trends I always feel a little silly, as different versions of make-up looks come around in circles just the same as clothing fashions do. However I’m always keen to try and work a trend and if it doesn’t suit me then I leave it at there – generally a little home trialling on a week night lets me know if somethings for me or not!

There are 3 main lip trends that have been gracing many a celeb and magazine this summer…

Poppy Orange aka. The Orangey-Red

A bright orange lip is a brilliant look for girls of any skin tone. Choose one with a reddish tone if you’re super fair and one that’s more tangerine if you err on the side of olive to dark. It’s a look that’s really easy to achive as most of the looks around team this with super luminous skin and simple mascara. A great one for holidays or just as a pick me up on a grey and drizzly British summers day! Here are my favourite picks…

  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 37
  • Gosh Velvet Lip Pencil in Flirty Orange
  • Revlon Matte Balm in Mischievous
  • MAC Lipstick in Morange
  • Topshop Lipstick in Infrared

Moody Nude aka. The Kylie Jenner Lip

A matte 90’s nude is a colour that has probably been the biggest lip trend of all. Dubbed the ‘Kyle Jenner Lip’ the Kardashian beauty’s prolific pout is one that everyone’s been trying to recreate. So much so that sales of MAC’s Soar and Whirl lip liner and Mehr lipstick went through the roof! Again here are my picks to get a lip look worthy of Miss K herself…

  • Essence Lipstick in Cool Nude
  • MAC Lipstick in Brave/Mehr/Entwined
  • Gosh Velvet Lip Pencil in Antique Rose
  • Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Nude Dusk/Maple Kiss

Perky Pink aka. Barely-there Pink

As pink seems to be the most neutrally pleasing colour I think we were all pleased with the trend-wave of peachy-pink tones that you don’t need to use a mirror to apply. Frankly these are my daily staples and colours I reach for no matter what the time of year. The key theme of these lip beauties was the consistency of nourishing ingredients that gave us a sheen but not sticky gummy early 200’s look. Here are my pick of the best…

  • Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Honey
  • Soap and Glory Gloss Stick in Nudist
  • Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in Any Colour
  • By Terry Baume De Rose
  • Stila Colour Balm Lipstick in Evangeline/Amelia

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby… My two favourite reds of the moment!

Red lips are my signature night out look. During my uni days it was a lot of black liner and a tonne of mascara but these days it’s all about flawless skin and a red lip. For me red lipstick compliments my pale skin – the right shade of red of course. I really do believe there’s a red out there for everyone, if you’ve got deeper more olive skin then orangey reds are your friend, if you’ve got a yellow based skin tone then you might want to edge more towards a pinkish red. Being pale as pale can be I tend to opt for a blue/deep Hollywood red this makes my teeth look whiter and my eyes look bluer! It’s taken me a while to find a couple of reds that I can wear any place and anytime and I think I’ve finally found it in these two!

Mac Russian Red LipstickMAC Russian Red

This is the colour I’d call a ‘Hollywood Red’ it’s super luxurious and is nice and matte in texture. I find this works well on its own without a lip liner and gives me super opaque colour! For me this is the red that I team with a wash of beige on the lids and a slick of mascara and a nice medium/full coverage satin foundation! It’s also the one that I reach for if I’m wanting something that lasts all night long! Available HERE

RIMMEL Kate Moss Wine 107 MatteRimmel 107 Lipstick

As a hater of beauty hypes I tend to ignore them until they stop being a ‘thing’ – I mean, I hated Rollerlash mascara, Baume De Rose seemed like a rip off for a lip balm and the Emma Hardy cleanser – don’t even get me started! So when Zoella wore Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in Wine 107 for the majority of 2014 I veered away praying I wouldn’t get sucked in to another blogger-con. But I did… Annnnd I’m sure as hell glad I did! This is a stunningly opaque, universally flattering, deep wine red. It screams autumn winter but equally looks great with a slick up do and winged liner during the summer months. I would probably rate this as my favourite red of all time (so far!) as I just find it so comfortable and easy to wear plus the colour makes my teeth look SO white. Also, it’s £5.49 – BARGAIN!!!! Available HERE

Let me know what your favourite red lipsticks are in the comments…

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

rimmelprimer01I’m not the greatest lover of most primers and I’ll tell you why; break outs! No matter how much I love the lasting power of a silicone primer for some reason my skin decides the next day that it’s going to self-combust and break out like craters on the moon. Okay slight exaggeration but my complexion really doesn’t love them! I am however always willing to give a primer a go unless it’s a slippy formula that I know will break me out no-matter-what, the Maybelline Baby Skin is a good example.

I happened upon the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer when browsing the aisles of my local Superdrug and had heard a decent amount about this product. I love a dewy foundation but struggle with an oily t-zone so wanted something that would keep this on whilst preventing me from turning into Mrs Shine! A gel like consistency this is nice and easy to apply after a decent moisturiser. I use my fingers but you could easily use a synthetic brush, something like the Real Techniques Buffing Brush would do a good job of evenly distributing the product.

It blends in nicely and smoothes onto the skin without rolling or looking too cakey or dry. I then apply my foundation and the overall look seems pretty pleasant. I do have a gripe at this stage though, it’s not mattifying… I mean if I use a super dewy foundation I don’t expect it to look flat as a pancake but I atleast want it to take a little of the shine away and keep it that way. All this being said my foundation lasted nicely and it didn’t break me out – woo! I’d recommend this as a regular primer just not to mattify! It’s great value and one I’d recommend for a night out rather than a whole day as a little shine My favourite primer of all time still remains as the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer with SPF 30. If you have any recommendations for a good drugstore one I’d love to know in the comments…