The Blemish Buster: How to get rid of spots!

blemishtreatmentsSo over recent weeks my skin seems to be having something of a blip and my normally fairly well behaved skin seems to have gone a little spotty. I’m not sure if this is due to the change in weather or the fact I’ve recently been on a couple of flights but my skin seems to have broken out around my jaw line and chin. Typically spots in this area are brought on due to hormonal changes but there’s nothing out of the ordinary on that front at the moment. Anyway in the last couple of weeks I’ve found two products which along with my usual cleanser have been a god send and seem to have cleared my skin.

CleanseVichy Normaderm Deep Purifying Cleanser

To cleanse my skin I’ve been using my usual Vichy Normaderm Deep Purifying Cleanser. This is predominantly targets oily skin, imperfections and those with acne. Though I don’t have acne I use it because it doesn’t feel stripping yet does a good job of removing my makeup. It comes in a handy pump bottle so is perfect to use in the shower.

ToneLa Roche Posay Serozinc Spray

Toning is a step that for a long time I didn’t really believe in and many skincare experts such as Caroline Hirons don’t either however I recently discovered the La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray. This handy aerosol spray is a fine mist that mattifies and stops shine and breakouts. It really is amazing stuff! Not only have my blemishes gone the overall texture of my skin seems to have really improved.

MoisturiseBioderma Sebium Ultra Moisturiser

It’s no surprise that my favourite moisturiser the Bioderma Sebium Ultra Moisturiser has made it in here. It’s a nice medium weight moisturiser which compensates for the dehydrating effects of central heating and over cleansing and provides a brilliant base for makeup. It’s also targeted at blemish prone skin and evens my skin tone nicely too. I use a pea sized amount for my whole face and can use this morning and night as it doesn’t contain SPF! I don’t miss my SPF though as I ensure that my foundation includes it.

MaskEve Lom Moisture Mask

I’ve never been a fan of Eve Lom as a brand, the cleanser has a smell that I just can’t get past and that was enough to put me off. Until a recent trip to Space NK when a lovely sales assistant gave me a few samples of the Eve Lom Moisture Mask. It’s a gel like mask which doesn’t set, the instructions state to remove with a tissue or just massage into the skin i.e. it doesn’t actually need removing. This mask did something pretty amazing to my skin and seemed to rehydrate it after all the spot treatment products I’ve been using. I’ll definitely be picking up the fully size soon as I’ve used up the three freebie sachets I was given. Read all about how to get the most out of samples HERE.

It’s also worth me mentioning that all skin works in different ways and will have different issues. I found reading Caroline Hirons’ blog so helpful and following her YouTube channel and I’m someone who’s had professional skincare training. Let me know your favourite skincare blogs in the comments…


Review: Freedom Makeup Palette – Pro 12 Secret Rose

freedom1As you know I love a neutral palette and I’ve been good and rationed the amount I’ve purchased in recent months due to my vanity unit practically groaning with the weight of brown and champagne coloured eyeshadows. However upon a recent trip to my local Superdrug I spotted this beautiful palette by the relatively new brand Freedom Cosmetics. A sister brand to Makeup Revolution these guys also sell really reasonably priced cosmetics of which there are some true gems in the line!

I was drawn to this rosey plumb shades in this palette and the nice mix of shimmers and neutrals, 6 of each if you were wondering. However what really amazed me was the brilliant quality of them when I got round to trying it. This palette has some really nice warm mattes that make for lovely crease colours and pop’s of bright colour that look fantastic smudged into the lower lash line. I’ve reached for it lots to create wearable looks for work and also for a night out with the girls.freedom3

Although my swatches don’t look the best I can assure you this palette at only £4 is a total steal! I also think there’s shades in here for all manner of skin tones. My favourites are the peach shimmer, which is unlike any eyeshadow I’ve ever seen before (drugstore or high-end!) and the stunning range of three warm peachy pinks which make blending out any colours so easy. For such a cheap palette I was expecting the matte shades to be pretty poor but the blended just as well as any of my MAC shadows.

I would highly recommend you pick this up and start creating some beautiful Autumn looks! Let me know what your favourite freedom2palette for the Winter months is in the comments.

My Guide: Beauty Swaps

swapAs a self confessed beauty junkie I have been the reader of blogs long before I took up the courage to write my own. I have always read blogs from different countries and often have the beauty junkie prang of annoyance when I realise I can’t get a certain product in the UK nor can I order it on-line. I’m also pretty active on Instagram (my handle is @adayinhermakeup) and I often follow accounts with beautiful photography and came across the lovely @karinaspud some time ago now…

This lady really does take some wonderful photos and her blog really is a brilliant one to check out. It’s everything from beauty to lifestyle and anything in between and is written really well too. Well I can’t say I know what gave me such a boost of confidence to post on one of her lovely photo’s however we got talking about doing a beauty swap from Australia (where Karina lives) to the England (where I live) and emailed each other with a few key products we were dying to get our hands on. We also chucked in a few surprises and some products we both loved from our respective countries too!

I would HIGHLY recommend doing beauty swaps but obviously this becomes quite a daring task given that you both have to trust one another to buy the things you want and send them on. I can imagine that there are a few mean people out there who would happily receive a package from someone but fail to return the favour. However I really do think the key is make sure you stay in touch and regularly communicate via email. Karina and I did the following and I’ve got to say our swap went incredibly smoothly, read all about it HERE

  1. Sent each other a list of things we wanted and explained our tastes and likes/dislikes. Luckily for me Karina and I have very similar tastes!
  2. Set a budget, I think for your first swap this is particularly important.
  3. Karina and I then swapped addresses, a little daunting when you’re sending this to a total stranger so do be careful.
  4. We then organised a ‘send date’ so we would both receive our parcels at similar times.
  5. Send each other a picture of the parcel and the postage receipt, it’s just a kind thing to do.
  6. Write a blog post (if you have one) and review your beauty treats – it’s always fun to do!
  7. Enjoy your goodies and make sure you thank the other person, Karina is so polite and I really do appreciate that!

Karina and I are now on our second swap, as I can get Kiko and Natural Collection in the UK and she can get Colour Pop in Australia. It’s a little trickier this time as she’s having to order from the USA to get them to me but I can’t wait to receive her parcel – I will of course be writing all about it when it arrives! If you live in another country I’d love to find more beauty addicts willing to swap just like myself. Do feel free to email me at if you’re keen too do a swap too!