HOLY GRAIL! Gosh Natural Blush: Rose Whisper

goshblusherOf late I’ve been thinking about some of the products I’d call ‘HOLY GRAIL’ in my collection and items that I constantly repurchase and this is definitely one of them.

For about 3 years now I’ve used Gosh’s Natural Blush in Rose Whisper on pretty much a daily basis. It’s a beautiful pale pinky/peach shade which seems to be one of the most natural looking ‘blush’ colours around especially for paler skinned ladies like myself.

I would say the formulation of Gosh’s blush’s are on par with those I have from MAC. This would even make a decent dupe for MAC’s Blusher in Tenderling which again is one I’ve worn for a very long time too. The packaging is also pretty good and the product doesn’t crumble to dust when you’ve hit pan too – bonus!

I apply mine using the Real Techniques Blush brush to the high points of my cheeks and smoothly blend it into my bronzer for a natural ‘flushed’ appearance however alone over a little tinted moisturiser it makes for a pretty fresh faced effect that isn’t too overdone.

I’d love to know your favourite high-street blushers in the comments…


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