Jo Malone – Blue Agava and Cacao Perfume

jomaloneperfumeSo this year for my 26th birthday my lovely Mum took me and my sister to a Dim Sum making class and following this we made our way to the lovely Jo Malone store at St Pancras International.

In my experience the staff at Jo Malone are always pleasant and welcoming, the stores are always beautifully merchandised and even on a busy day seem to have an air of calm – can you tell I used to work in beauty retail! We were given a arm massage by a lovely sales advisor and then given a spritz of our favourite fragrance.

I spent a while nosing around the store with my Mum and Sister smelling and spraying various different perfumes not really knowing exactly what I was after. I tried the Wood Sage and Sea Salt which I did really like however it was a bit light and didn’t totally cut it for me. Pomegranate Noir was a little too heavy as I wanted something I could wear day or night. Lastly I tried the Blue Agava and Cacao and it instantly appealed to me, soft and warm whilst also remaining fresh and clean.

The notes include sea salt, lime, agava flower which I guess is where the fresh lightness of the fragrance come from and cacao, cinnamon and musk give it the warmth and staying power on the skin. Alongside the perfume my mum very kindly bought me a travel candle and bath oil too which I’m saving for the week after my baby is born when I’m perhaps not feeling the most pampered person in the world!

I would recommend this fragrance for lovers of perfumes such as Marc Jacobs Decadence, Armani Diamonds or even Gurlain Insolence. It’s got a grown up sweet element but not sickly and it’s definitely light enough that it could be worn day or night. Jo Malone fragrances are definitely luxurious, not your every day splash but completely decadent and for that I’m very grateful to my lovely Mum and Dad!


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