MAC – Studio Sculpt Foundation

macstudiosculpltAs a big fan of MAC cosmetics I’d had the Studio Sculpt Foundation on my ‘to buy’ list foundation for some time. As I’m sure regular readers will know I have something of an addiction to foundations and seem to be searching for my perfect base however if you read my review of the Giorgio Armani Lumious Silk Foundation you will see that I’ve as good as found it – not that this will stop me buying more!

My wonderful husband bought me a MAC voucher for my birthday this year and it took me all of about 4 hours to spend it! I headed straight to the MAC store in my local city and picked up the studio sculpt foundation. I was colour matched in store to NC25 (my usual shade) and headed home to try this. I used a buffing brush to apply it and unfortunately for me it applied incredibly thickly and streaky. I had to work really hard to sheer it out and stop it from looking cakey despite having applied a good layer of moisturiser before hand.

I was disappointed that this also clung to any dry areas on my face and that the shade seemed to pull quite yellow on me which isn’t normal for me and MAC foundations. I would say that it lasted well on the skin however being sold it as a dewy foundation I actually found it to be quite mattifying. I definitely need to give it another chance and maybe try another application method, perhaps a beauty sponge is the way to go about it with a bit of fixing spray?

Let me know your favourite MAC foundation in the comments? So far mine is Face and Body for a healthy look however I loathe Sudio Fix but maybe there’s another worth giving a shot?


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