MAC – Studio Sculpt Foundation

macstudiosculpltAs a big fan of MAC cosmetics I’d had the Studio Sculpt Foundation on my ‘to buy’ list foundation for some time. As I’m sure regular readers will know I have something of an addiction to foundations and seem to be searching for my perfect base however if you read my review of the Giorgio Armani Lumious Silk Foundation you will see that I’ve as good as found it – not that this will stop me buying more!

My wonderful husband bought me a MAC voucher for my birthday this year and it took me all of about 4 hours to spend it! I headed straight to the MAC store in my local city and picked up the studio sculpt foundation. I was colour matched in store to NC25 (my usual shade) and headed home to try this. I used a buffing brush to apply it and unfortunately for me it applied incredibly thickly and streaky. I had to work really hard to sheer it out and stop it from looking cakey despite having applied a good layer of moisturiser before hand.

I was disappointed that this also clung to any dry areas on my face and that the shade seemed to pull quite yellow on me which isn’t normal for me and MAC foundations. I would say that it lasted well on the skin however being sold it as a dewy foundation I actually found it to be quite mattifying. I definitely need to give it another chance and maybe try another application method, perhaps a beauty sponge is the way to go about it with a bit of fixing spray?

Let me know your favourite MAC foundation in the comments? So far mine is Face and Body for a healthy look however I loathe Sudio Fix but maybe there’s another worth giving a shot?


Jo Malone – Blue Agava and Cacao Perfume

jomaloneperfumeSo this year for my 26th birthday my lovely Mum took me and my sister to a Dim Sum making class and following this we made our way to the lovely Jo Malone store at St Pancras International.

In my experience the staff at Jo Malone are always pleasant and welcoming, the stores are always beautifully merchandised and even on a busy day seem to have an air of calm – can you tell I used to work in beauty retail! We were given a arm massage by a lovely sales advisor and then given a spritz of our favourite fragrance.

I spent a while nosing around the store with my Mum and Sister smelling and spraying various different perfumes not really knowing exactly what I was after. I tried the Wood Sage and Sea Salt which I did really like however it was a bit light and didn’t totally cut it for me. Pomegranate Noir was a little too heavy as I wanted something I could wear day or night. Lastly I tried the Blue Agava and Cacao and it instantly appealed to me, soft and warm whilst also remaining fresh and clean.

The notes include sea salt, lime, agava flower which I guess is where the fresh lightness of the fragrance come from and cacao, cinnamon and musk give it the warmth and staying power on the skin. Alongside the perfume my mum very kindly bought me a travel candle and bath oil too which I’m saving for the week after my baby is born when I’m perhaps not feeling the most pampered person in the world!

I would recommend this fragrance for lovers of perfumes such as Marc Jacobs Decadence, Armani Diamonds or even Gurlain Insolence. It’s got a grown up sweet element but not sickly and it’s definitely light enough that it could be worn day or night. Jo Malone fragrances are definitely luxurious, not your every day splash but completely decadent and for that I’m very grateful to my lovely Mum and Dad!

Review: L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation

lorealinfalliblematteThis has got to be one of my favourite foundations of all time, L’Oreal launched it’s Infallible Matte Foundation in early 2015 and being someone who generally prefers a slightly dewier base I avoided this for a while. Having seen it stare at me in the isles of my local Superdrug for so long I eventually bit the bullet and purchased it following a vlog review from Amelia Liana.

Firstly the way this foundation is packaged really appeals to me, being a squeezy tube it’s lightweight and easy to dispense product and is a great one for travel. Secondly the product itself is a true medium coverage foundation, it’s more of a satin finish rather than a true ‘matte’ finish though it does work well to control oil throughout the day.

One of the most important things for me though is this the lasting power of this foundation. I don’t need to set it with a crazy amount of powder and I can also apply this with a brush, sponge or my fingers and all methods seem to give me a rather flawless finish. My perfect way to wear this foundation currently is with half a pump of the L’Oreal True Match Foundation to give it a little more dewiness and a slightly fuller coverage.

Lastly this tube seems to last forever, for my day-to-day base I’ve been going between this and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation however this still seems to have lasted me nearly 6 months which is crazy and I’ve already repurchased a new tube. The shade 11 Vanilla works really well for me and typically I’m an NC25 from MAC or 52 Vanille from Bourjois.

Has anyone tried the cushion foundation from L’Oreal yet? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below…

Review: Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

clarinslipoilIt’s been a few months now since the launch of the Clarins Lip Oil and boy was that a good launch. Having had wide blogger coverage and lots of press space this lip oil had a lot to live up to.

Described as a nourishing lip treatment this product initially looks like a fairly heavy duty gloss. When applied with the lovely large foam applicator this instantly feels softening and nourishing and gave my lips a pleasant natural sheen. It’s not slippery which I love nor does it glue my lips together, winner!

Available in 3 colours I went with the 01 Honey shade which essentially appears to be clear on the lips however it also comes in 02 Raspberry which has a tint of pink and 03 Red Berry which has a slightly more berry tone. For me this is something that I chuck on when I’m wearing barely-there makeup and I don’t want to look too over the top.

I’ll have to report back on the long term benefits however it does appear to have some moisturising properties however the thing that impresses me the most is how long it lasts on the lips. The average gloss on me lasts approximately half an hour however an hour later I can still feel this on my lips! It’s a great product for all ages too and would even be a brilliant product for non-makeup wearers.

Let me know what you think in the comments and do you think it’s worth buying the other shades?  

Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer – Nude Pop

cliniquenudepop.jpgI’ve been a big Clinique lip product fan for some time now, their lipsticks are lovely! I don’t mind the chubby sticks though I think you can find some brilliant affordable dupes on the high-street so they feel a little redundant to me now, but that’s another post for another day.

When I saw the launch of the Pop Lip Colour and Primer’s I was delighted, wearable shades in a comfortable formula – winner! The true test of a good collection for me is their nude lipsticks and this range has a really impressive range of shades to suit everyone. I went with the shade Nude Pop hoping it would be a pinky-nude that I could slather on like a lip balm and as luck would have it that’s pretty much exactly what it is.

The only thing that I don’t quite get is the ‘primer’ element as I have no idea which part of this product is priming? If anyone does know please leave a comment and enlighten me! 

I’m already eyeing up a few other shades that I’d love to get my mitts on, Beige Pop looks like MAC Patisserie without the shimmer which is something I’m searching for. I’d also like to try out Sugar Pop which seems to be a slightly rusty-toned nude which I think would look great in the autumn and Poppy Pop which seems to be a sheer bright orange that I think would look great with a simple eyeliner flick and healthy looking bronzed skin.

Given that I’m only 7 weeks away from having my baby I have a feeling makeup will be a low priority however when I do get the chance to slap a bit on I think these kinds of ‘no mirror’ comfortable products will be my saving grace!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of them and would recommend a specific shade in the comments…


HOLY GRAIL! Gosh Natural Blush: Rose Whisper

goshblusherOf late I’ve been thinking about some of the products I’d call ‘HOLY GRAIL’ in my collection and items that I constantly repurchase and this is definitely one of them.

For about 3 years now I’ve used Gosh’s Natural Blush in Rose Whisper on pretty much a daily basis. It’s a beautiful pale pinky/peach shade which seems to be one of the most natural looking ‘blush’ colours around especially for paler skinned ladies like myself.

I would say the formulation of Gosh’s blush’s are on par with those I have from MAC. This would even make a decent dupe for MAC’s Blusher in Tenderling which again is one I’ve worn for a very long time too. The packaging is also pretty good and the product doesn’t crumble to dust when you’ve hit pan too – bonus!

I apply mine using the Real Techniques Blush brush to the high points of my cheeks and smoothly blend it into my bronzer for a natural ‘flushed’ appearance however alone over a little tinted moisturiser it makes for a pretty fresh faced effect that isn’t too overdone.

I’d love to know your favourite high-street blushers in the comments…

Review: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation

mufestickHere is the second in my series of high end base products that I’ve recently put through its paces. The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation has been hotly reviewed by many of my favourite American YouTube stars such as Jacyln Hill and Nikki Tutorials amongst many others and after seeing them rave on about this foundation I knew I had to give it a go.

This foundation is priced at £29 and is available in the UK exclusively through Debenhams who happened to be running a 10% off beauty coupon – even better! I ordered this foundation in the shade Y325 which on application is probably a half shade too dark for me however works well when I have a false tan. I normally wear a MAC NC25 therefore I probably would order the Y245 if I was to purchase this again.

Make Up For Ever promise this to be undetectable to the naked eye which I don’t really agree with, you can most definitely tell that I’m wearing foundation when I’ve got this on however it does also promise a flawless complexion which I would have to say I do agree with. This foundation is incredible at smoothing the skin and is therefore a great one for me who does suffer with an uneven skin tone. The great thing about it is that it can be sheered out after a decent application of a rich moisturiser and a fluffy brush or it can give you full on Barbie perfect plastic looking skin with a larger amount of product and a beauty sponge.

makeupforeverhdstickPersonally I prefer somewhere in the middle however I did have to use a fair amount of pale concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection – 01 Fair) to get this looking light enough for me to wear without fake tanning as pictured. To apply I used a buffing brush in circular motions which seemed to make everything appear nice and even. The only thing I would say is that this is definitely not one for ladies and gents with oily skin, it’s super hydrating and even makes my dehydrated skin look a little shiny after a few hours wear time.

The only real negative I see with this foundation is the amount of product which I find to be pretty disappointing for the price tag. I would highly recommend it for those with dry/dehydrated skin looking for a medium/full coverage foundation and I’m definitely thinking of picking one up in a deeper ash tone to use as a cream contour!

Review: Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation

giorgioarmanifoundation.jpgAs many of you know I’m a complete sucker for base products and to find the Holy Grail of foundations is a challenge I’ve always had on my agenda as a makeup junkie. Having bought many high-end foundations recently I’m keen to share my thoughts on the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

Feel Unique were running a 15% coupon so it only seemed fitting that I buy this foundation which has been on my ‘to buy’ list for some time. At £37 it’s definitely one of the most expensive foundations I’ve ever purchased so it took some careful researching for me to commit however with the discount code knocking it down to £31.45 I knew it was too good to miss.

I’m normally an NC25 and shade 4 in this foundation suits my skin tone perfectly, it really is a brilliant match and one that isn’t too warm or too cool. I would say that it does oxidise slightly therefore if you do have the chance to try before you buy I’d recommend that you do. Armani describe this foundation as lightweight and silky in texture and I would definitely agree! I applied this using a buffing brush and I used 2 pumps for my whole face – bonus points too for a hygienic pump bottle too!

I found the foundation to be pretty full coverage, Armani describe it as buildable which I wouldn’t totally disagree with as you could probably sheer it out on a good skin day however for me this is more of a ‘night out’ foundation. I was also pretty pleased with the wear time, I applied this at 9am and it lasted me through until 8pm without going patchy.

Overall it gave me a satin/dewy look on the skin so maybe one to avoid if you have particularly oily skin however it would easily mattify with a good setting powder. I must say that I was mightily impressed and for a fuller coverage foundation it didn’t break me out or feel too heavy either. I’m having to try and be good and use it sparingly as for the price it’s not one I can use every day – though honestly I wish I could!

Bloggers Block?

If you’d have told me I’d ever find it hard to knuckle down and write about beauty products I would have laughed in your face with a cry of ‘do you even know me’. However over the last few months I’ve found it increasingly harder to pick up the energy to start writing posts and have also pulled a little tighter on my spending purse strings.

It’s probably worth mentioning that on the 10th December 2015 I found out me and my husband are expecting our first baby. This has caused my brain (and body) to go into disarray and has meant that we’ve been focusing most of our time on prepping our home (a Victorian cottage in need of some serious love) before the baby arrives.

However I’m keen to get writing again and focus on getting some more content up – ideas and requests in the comments below please! So please expect a few more bits and pieces to come your way. Though I don’t think I’ll be able to commit to the daily blogging I’ve done before however I’ll certainly aim to get a couple of posts a week up.

Smoky Eye Makeup for Dummies

001Lately I’ve been in something of a make-up rut and have stuck to the classic brown/bronze shades that I know and love. However forcing myself to get out of this rut I picked up my Urban Decay Naked Palette and just as I was about to apply Smog all over my lids I decided to try something a little different and create a super easy (even I can do it) smoky eye look…


For my base make-up I tried the L’oreal Infallible Matte foundation to give myself a long lasting satin/matte finish. I rarely wear this on its own but I did quite like the finish and the colour match is a great one for my skin tone! I next applied the 2true Bronzer in 01 Natural Bronze in a 3 motion down the temple, cheekbones and jawbone to give myself a little bit of colour and dimension. I then used a really pretty neutral blush, MAC’s Tenderling which is super pretty on very fair skin tones as a girly flush of colour.


Next I moved onto the eyes and this is where I dared to go different! Firstly I applied the Urban Decay Shadow in Naked all over the eyes which is a pretty matte pale brown. Next I used the Urban Decay Shadow in Dark side in the outer V and slightly into the crease. Darkside is a very deep brown shade which blends beautifully, it’s quite deep for a daytime look for me but I really liked the end result which took fair bit of blending. I finally applied a little of MAC’s yogurt to the brow bone and swept a little clear brow gel through my brows for shape. I’m still using the Rimmel Brow This Way and really enjoying it! Lastly I applied a little of the Maybelline Smokissme along the lower lash line to add to the smoky/smudgey vibe and then popped on my Maybelline Colossal Mascara in black.


On the lip I wanted to keep it fairly natural due to the smoky eyes. I opted for the Colour Pop Lippie Stick in Lumier for a soft rosy pink glow. It ended up being slightly too pink so I used the 2true Lipgloss in Coffee Cake to neutralise it and add a bit of a sheen.

I really enjoyed this look and feel like with a little winged liner could easily be amped up for the evening!